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At what point?

When does the time come when you stop falling deeper and deeper in love? When the smile isn’t so big on your face when you think of one you love? When the thought of the future is the most exciting thought of the day? Love never stops amazing me. Love is a never ending road. The ups and the downs are just the mountains you climb and the valleys you ride down without the breaks. I never want the road to end. Falling in love all over again every day is exciting. At what point does it end? Whenever you choose and I choose never.

Never Enough

Just one kiss will never be enough. The way you hold me close as we fall asleep will never be close enough. I can never have enough of you. I want to be standing in your warm for the rest of my life. I want you to never let me go. I want you and me for forever and a day. Any amount of time with you is never enough. 

Be you…

Life is about being happy and loving your yourself. Here’s the problem you don’t know who you are. So instead of being you, you want to be everyone and be accepted. Here’s the thing. No one was made to blend in. Life is ALL about standing out and being the best you.

Be you. Be happy. Love yourself. It makes it easier for everyone else to.

Stars light

A small girl was afraid of the world. She hid from all that was possible. Once she saw a star shining not too far in the distance and moved close to it. “Shining star how do you shine so bright? Is it possible to show me your light?” And the star so new to the world said yes and showed the small girl his light. She was excited and tried to learn how. She let lots of other lights on the way show her. One day she learned her light but because she was not a star she could barely shine and needed another’s light to show her own. Another close to her tried to help. For no one could shine like a star until she took over all of the stars light and tried to shine on her own. Slowly the others found out she was not  star and drifted away. She was all alone and slowly the dim flicker she had faded away and she was nothing. No one noticed nor cared because no one steals light from a star and tries to make it there own. Only a star can be a star and people are only as simple as they appear…

Baby baby baby

Tell me you love me 

tell me you need me

tell me you you want me too

cause I wanna…

Kiss you badly 

love you strongly

hold you tight til you say I Do

I wanna feel you love through my veins

I wanna 

I see you walking down the street wondering about all the things you think your not. Checking out your reflection in the store front windows fixing your hair.

me and you

 build myself up with wonderful thoughts of us when it really is just me and just you. Us was something wonderful but it is the past now. I can never return to what we had no matter how much I wish. Time has taken that away since the day you left me. You wanted to leave me and start again. You try to find something to fill the void I left. All I wanted to fill the void you left was you. I will never let go of the space you left and will forever wish you would take back the space you left. You found another and for a time it worked but time lasted too short and the void is back. You don’t look back and want to try again. You look back and remember the wonderful memory that was us. You want to keep us a memory. You have your hand in helping me think we could be us. Your kiss and the way you held me made me feel us again in my heart so strong. You said there could be and us and you make me want to try. You fill me with hope and than you think that there can’t be an us again. Life without you hurts yet my hope helps for a little. You fill me with your drug and have me wanting more. You cut and trim your drug so I can only have parts but not all of it. I want the feel of your full drug, your love. I’m trying to come down off the drug and the withdraw is no fun. Its never ending. The pain is so much and through out time is fades a bit its still there. Its back and its strong. I just wish for us and I pray for us and I hope one day you will want just me and just you to be us.

It’s called a real love

You never knew what love was until you had it. You didn’t know what to do with it until you knew it was yours. When you had it, you took it while you could. Maybe real love was too much for you to handle than. You know far more about love than she can show you; yet, you want it anyway because you fear that what was real love you can no longer have. Well, your wrong. Whatever you seek you shall find cause love truely knows no bounds and I will be here. Forever waiting until the day when you know my love is true and I will wait until than.

It’s a big world out there

Imagine we never met. Imagine that our paths never crossed. Without seeing my face you couldn’t dream about me. People you see in dreams are people you’ve seen in real life. Would you miss me? Would you ever think about the person that you never met or knew? Are you thinking about that now? There are thousands of people that you have never seen. Millions even. Unless they are thinking about the the people they will never know you’ve never crossed there mind. You are small, insignificant to the rest of the planet. Does that make you feel sad? Don’t let it. Cause like they say, “to the whole world, your just one person. But, to one person, your the whole world.” Love and be loved. 

Loving you

Everyday I spend with you is a day I become closer to being the person I’m suppose to be. With you dreams can become a reality and happiness is an everyday feeling. I’ve never loved or been loved like the way we love each other. Knowing that you love me makes me continue on everyday, it carries me through all the sadness and anger I go through day by day. Its what keeps me warm and safe at night when your not next to me. Loving you has become my whole purpose in this life and becoming a wonderful person worthy of your love. I love you more than ever.

What is it?

What is love? It’s more than just a passing fancy. Love is what makes the sunrise. It’s what makes the earth spin on its axis. It’s the brightest light in every star. Love is kissing slowly and caressing gently. It’s tucking your children into bed each night kissing their foreheads. It is carried in the wind and it’s what we breathe in deeply when we think that’s it. Love is in teardrops and hurtful words expressed with anger when the passion rises. It’s in the vows people say at their wedding. Love breaks, takes, gives, and shows you everything you will ever know.  Just goes to show that love is around every corner.”

Can you do this?

Can you?

Can you make it happen?

Can you be the hero?

Can you have the smile?

Can you be all that it takes?

Can it end right here?

Can you make it last?

Can you be the victim?

Can it be?

Can words start?

Can it happen now?

Can it start with one kiss?

Can it start with one touch?

Can it be so quiet you can hear my heart race?

Can you make it stop the world?

Can you be the one?

Can it change a lifetime?

Can it change you?

Can it change me?

Can you answer all my questions?

Can you give it all?

Can you take it all?

Can you understand it all?


A fellow lost at sea

I feel like it’s a time for mourning for a fellow lost at sea. For long ago was a time when it was just this fellow and me. Into the waters we’d go being tossed all around. Was a time for adventure, and a time for learning, and a time that would go on and on. Like all good travels there comes a time when things must slow and crawl. With age the water seemed too rough and our time was getting short. We went out to sea less often instead retold all our tales. We would make short trips but nothing like before we would keep them light and head towards calmer shores. Then like we all do at some point in our life, he hit the time when the waters called him back. Alone he went out in the his lively ship and never returned. So like we all do to those we hold close we think in our sadness. So, I feel it’s a time for mourning for a fellow lost at sea. And will always remember long ago when it was just this fellow and me. 

Build Sand Castles in the Sky

I want to build sand castles in the sky with you. Among the clouds soft and white, the sun shining on our smiling faces.

I want to walk on the oceans with you. Hand in hand, palm to palm fingers interlocked. I want to look down on the water and see the reflection on us.

I want to lay in the stars with you. Make wishes on the shooting stars, watching comets drift by. Watch our world spin on its axis.

I want to breathe underwater with you.

I want to fly with you.

I want to walk through your dreams with you.

I want to do everything and anything that can and can’t be done with you.

I want to paint the dusk creeping in the sky with you. Of colors that make you happy and smile.

I want to sleep in your arms.

I want to touch your face and hold it in my hands.

I want to kiss your lips and have you hold me close.

I want to look deep in your eyes and describe my love for you.

I want to whisper stories into your ears of lover’s time never forgot.

I want to build sand castles in the sky with you, walk on the ocean with you, and lay among the stars. I want to love you for forever and a day.

Summer time Romance

It rolls in like a summer rain with the sun still shining while the drops fall all around. Dancing across the bare shoulders of the kids outside sitting on the beach running for cover. Its carried in the breeze like pollen that makes the flowers grow. Doing twice the job of any honeybee. It can be as unsteady as a child learning the ride a bike or as steady as the sun rises and falls. It creeps in, in the hours of the evening when its time to get close and plants a seed. The sun and the rain help it grow and the night with the wind feeds it. For what helps other than magic for when its the summer time romance . The power the summer has to make the most wonderful things happen.